What Marketing Global Transfers?

GMT is a company That Provides solutions for online payments by Offering various workshops and advice. Electronic commerce is growing Rapidly HAS Recorded year and annual growth of 35-40%, giving more and more importance ePayments. Our goal is to help you Develop the best on Internet and The Therefore we are Convinced That It is essential to know and to master the different online payment methods available are That.

They are services that GMT offers?

Advices, gmtcard, transfers 1.5%

What are the costs associated with exchange service?


What are the processors available on the platform?

AlertPay, Neteller, Payeer, Solid Trust Pay, Perfect money, Advcash

Do other processors will be added in the future?

Skrill, OKPAY ....

What are the ways of withdrawal?

They all your platform, and is the Gmtcard

It is the time to receive a withdrawal?

In 24 hours if your account Has No problem gmt

What is the GMT card provider?


Are there a ceiling to the level of transfers and withdrawals?

$ 2,000 per day and / or $ 10,000 per Week

Are there a ceiling at the ATM card GMT?

$ 10,000 per month

It is the card's delivery time?

One month maximum

Do I have multiple accounts?


What are the requirements to join GMT?

Be 18 years old, Possess a legal address and identification units

Is it possible to upgrade your membership?

Yes, 20, 50, 100, $ 250

Do I need to earn to sponsor?

Not Necessarily, There Are benifices sharing of the Company paid a percentage every day

Is the subscription generates earnings, and how long will it cost?

The membership Does not generate gain and is valid for 1 year

How does benefit sharing?

There Are benifices sharing of the Company paid a percentage every day

What we buy through shares?

fictitious share of the Company

What is the minimum and maximum deposit level shares?

Minimum: $ 20 and Maximum: 10.000

How long does a Share to mature?

Following The evolution of society sharing is done every day and varies entre 0.5% and 3%

Is it possible to ask for a refund?

Not as it is written in our regulation

Does map is available everywhere in the world?

Yes if you-have a legal address

Does promotional banners are planned ?

Yes in the backoffice

Y ' Will there be presenting webinars ?

Yes every Month

Do GMT is a Hyip , Ponzi , or pyramid scheme illegal?

No , we offer real services all combined in an affiliate program